4x9 Letterpress Wedding Invitations with Wax Seal

August 19, 2019

4x9 Letterpress Wedding Invitations with Wax Seal

Nothing says your letterpress wedding invitations have to be standardized!  The sky's the limit on how you want to personalize and stylize your wedding stationery.  In addition to images and text you can print with letterpress ink, it is also fun to add  elegant touches like ribbon and wax seals to the overall invitation suite presentation. 

John and Lilly’s letterpress wedding invitations are a little different from most because they are a 4x9 size and feature a #10 open-end envelope. The design is simple and elegant with black letterpress ink on lettra cotton paper. The wedding invitation set is held together with twine and a wax seal. The invitation envelope sports a letterpress return address on the flap.


Custom Invitation Design: Percolator Letterpress Company

Letterpress Printing: Percolator Letterpress Company

Wedding Venue: Justine's Secret House